#1 In Fort Bend County for a reason!

Selling a Home in the proper amount of time and for the best possible price is a blend of Art and Science

~The Art of Presentation & The Science of Technology~

The competition for buyers can be fierce. The Houston Market currently averages over 14,500 MLS Expirations per year, these are properties that end the term of their listing agreement, and the MLS system, as unsold.
We have to start with the acceptance that your home is about to become a product displayed on a shelf for the whole world to see. It will be compared side by side with a thousand more similar products in the same price range, all competing for the consumer’s interest. We will use emotional driven marketing concepts and proven technical skills to capture your buyer’s heart, often before they ever step foot into your home. After they visit your home, we’ll need to keep that interest and emotion high for long enough to let them create an emotional bond for your home.

~The Stage: Your Home. Your Neighborhood~

After staging the home, with emphasis on visual concepts, spacial balances, texture, color, and olfactory sensations, we will spend the next key allotment of time on Photography and Videography. Both the home and the neighborhood will be addressed, because your buyer will not only be buying a house, but they will also be buying a location, maybe even a new lifestyle.
To display your home to the world we will utilize the latest technologies available. In addition to the standard we embrace a plethora of Social Media applications, plus extrapolate out to, Trulia, Zillow,,, Youtube,, Movoto,, and thousands more worldwide. Along with, I also personally own and operate dozens of websites and domain names all in a quest to make certain that my properties are seen by more potential buyers than any other agent in the business.
Finally, the introduction of your property to the world will be timed in an exclusive and unique fashion to create the Maximum Impact & Buyer Interest.

Here are a couple of videos you should check out. The first is a montage of our Home Listing Photography, and the second is a sample of our Video/Virtual Tour.

It’s not just doing one thing great, but rather it’s that we do a hundred things each a little better that enables us to achieve results that others don’t.

Today, buyers have unlimited access to nearly every home on the market and they will decide in an instant whether or not they want to see your home. That’s why such things as Staging and Extraordinary Photography/Videography is so vitaly important in the marketing of your home, and NOBODY can match our Photography and Videography.

And speaking of STAGING. Easily one of the most important steps in getting your home SOLD! It allows for our Extraordinary Photography/Videography and it creates a favorable impression on your buyer as they tour your home. We are EXPERTS at achieving this goal whether your home just needs furniture rearranged or a complete remodel.

Have you seen our AMAZING BROCHURES? Wow! Once a buyer visits your home, they need to have something in their hand that reminds them of all the benefits your home has to offer, as well as something they can show their family and friends. No one matches our custom designed, 16 page, full color, heavy stock, brochures that do exactly that!

Putting an ad in a Real Estate magazine is so… 1990, Today, we have computers and i-pads and Android tablets and smart phones to search the internet. That’s why your home has to be exposed to a worldwide audience in a variety of mediums. Obviously we use HAR, but we also syndicate to websites all over the globe, exposing your home to a vast buyer’s pool and specialty search engines! THE POWER OF RE/MAX! We’re backed by the largest network of agents in the world and who also happen to sell the most real estate right here in FORT BEND COUNTY, simply stated, no other company on the planet gets the results that RE/MAX does!

~These are just a few of the highlights from my exclusive Home Marketing Program – Call me to learn more!~


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