North Fulshear Estates with Pond


The pond!


So this is a bit of an unusual situation. The owners of this neat little country home have made the decision to spend the next number of months fixing this property up. They are planning a complete kitchen remodel, building a back deck, revamp of all interior spaces, etc. They plan on spending a lot of money and time on this home and afterwards will put it up for sale.

The owners came to me to get suggestions on some remodeling ideas before sinking money and time into the home and property. Then, they tell me “Johnny, if you run into anybody that wants to save us lot of time and cash and buy it as is we will make it worth their while.”  He told me he does not want this listed on the MLS system unless his remod is complete, at which time it’s going to be a LOT more than what someone could buy it for right now. They gave me a listing agreement on it for now, and we will change it afterwards, in two or three months maybe, to reflect all of the upgrades and work. Although he does not want this property on the MLS system yet, nor does he want a sign in the front yard yet, he told me I can put it on any of my websites and spread the word around now to sell it as is. Price may be subject to change as work is being completed, but right now he tells me 165k will make someone a new owner.

Tax records show it at 1440 square feet, on 43,177 s/f lot (just a little shy of an acre). It has two, maybe three bedrooms. With a large pond in the back. The back yard is fenced off from the pond. No restriction neighborhood, Fulshear address with LCISD schools.

This is a great bargin for someone to turn a solid little home into a showpiece!

You’ll have to call me direct to set up a showing. 832-361-8055


Swimming and Fishing Dock







Front Yard


Back Yard , completely fenced separating the pond, plus shed.

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