Client Dropbox

The link below (the big padlock) takes you to the Open Folder Dropbox Directory, it should open in a new window or tab. If we have instructed you that you have files waiting in a folder in the Dropbox, then this is where you go. Click on the padlock and then Click on the first letter of your last name, and then click on the folder number you were assigned. You may then download any files you need- (right click and “save link as”). These files are either in GPG form, in which you should have a “key”, or they are in a self decrypting .exe file and you’ll have a password. Most computers will warn of downloading .exe files as they could be viruses if from an unknown source. These are safe files.


“Most of these files are GPG encrypted files, they are designed to be opened only by authorized persons.
Some of the files in this directory are “self decrypting” .exe files.

While we may easily send PGP or GPG encrypted via email, the “self decrypting”
.exe file is blocked by most email providers as a potentially harmful file.
The file actually contains a small program that performs the decrypting service for the reader.

To open or read the file, use your Right Mouse button and choose to “Save Link As…”
a new Windows box will open, then choose the folder you wish to download and save the file.

After file is downloaded, you may close your browser. Use Windows to open the folder where
you chose to save the file, Double Click to open the file, sometimes Windows will prompt
you asking if you really want to Run this program as it may be from an untrusted source, choose yes, to open.
You will then be prompted for a Password, type the password supplied to you from us and a copy
of the decrypted file will appear in the same folder. Call me if you have questions”


If you are uploading files to your Personal Client Dropbox, use the uploader at the top of this page (you must be signed in).

Sensitive information and documents can be emailed or stored with confidence and security using GPG or PGP Encryption. If you are not currently using strong encryption, we respectively suggest you give that decision another thought. Windows users can freely download GPG4Win by following this link: GPG4Win
MAC users can go here:
Linux Users probably already have it under control 🙂

This is free, open source, software. We highly prefer our vendors, banks, mortgage companies, and Title companies to take full advantage of this basic level of client protection.

My “public key” can be downloaded here: Johnny Q

GPG Identification Key